Playground of Flisvos


The Bigger Playground of the Balkans that hosts over 1400 children  aged 2 to 12 was launched by the Municipal Authority of Palaio Faliro on February 10, 2008. This is an area of ​​13 acres between Flisvos and the marina, on Poseidonos Avenue .

After a year of design, and construction, the dozens of original colorful instruments of the playground have taken their place in the specially designed space and welcome the young visitors.

The area is divided into six sections: one for 2-5 year olds, one for children up to 12 years old, one for walks, a field for sports with outdoor gymnastics equipment and mini soccer and basketball courts, a 80-seat wooden amphitheater where cultural events and a canteen from where parents have the ability to supervise their children.

It is a city life project , says the Mayor of Palaio Faliro, Dionysis Hatzidakis, pointing out that the playground gives a space for the children to play safely in an area beside the sea, as well as to the parents.

All playground instruments meet the standards of the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT) and allow kids to develop their sociability while having fun through group play.

The floor around the toys is made of rubber in order to protect the young visitors, while in some games where the surrounding area could not be fitted with elastic floor, it was laid with river sand. This material can absorb vibrations.

The playground has a large 1,000-square-meter instrument with slides, lofts and allows access via ramps and triangular stairs with handles to facilitate children with disabilities.

Apart from swings, sailboards and other well-known games, castles, towers and boats have been set up.

The park is fenced and in the evening it closes and is protected in order to avoid any vandalism. Throughout the length and breadth of the area, lighting and 80 benches have been installed, and more than 1500 roots of various trees and plants have been planted.

The cost of the project amounted to 1,000,000 euros. However, the municipality did not spend a single euro, since large companies that advertised their products offered to cover it. The land belongs to the Public Real Estate Company, which granted it to the Municipality of P. Falirou.